Artist Becky Grsimer

Becky Grismer

Age: 37 | Resides in: Spearfish, SD

When and how did your creative journey begin?

As a kid, my favorite subjects in school were music and art. I grew up watching painting shows on PBS and always loved to draw and make crafts. Being from a small rural area, I didn’t really understand that it was a realistic option to make a career as an artist until I went to college. I took a ceramics course the second semester of my freshman year. At that point I decided that I would major in art, and I set the goal for myself to someday work as an artist.

What drew you to your medium?

My work with natural materials started as a found objects project in a sculpture course during college. I found some pieces of tree bark that resembled part of a torso, so working from that starting point, I joined other small pieces I had gathered into a figure. I really enjoyed making it, and people responded positively to it, so several years later when I began to focus on making art again, I started by making another, and then another...and another. My work has evolved from there over time.

What inspires your style?

I always visit art museums and galleries when I am able to travel. I am also really inspired by the materials themselves, letting the shape and quality of the materials dictate what they want me to do with them.

How did you learn how to work with the bark?

It really has been a trial and error process. Lots of experimenting with different adhesives and methods to add and subtract and to preserve the work. I think that by spending enough time with any medium, you eventually learn the properties of the material well enough to know how you can manipulate that medium in just the right way to express what you envision.

What materials do you use?

I use quite a variety of materials, but basically anything that has been dead for a while and is dry. Any and all types of tree bark, but especially pine, aspen, birch, elm and maple. I collect dried berries and seeds from my garden. I have quite a large group of people who save things for me out of their gardens, yards and farms. I order stones and other materials I would like to use, but can’t find locally, online. I have also recently started working with clay, creating mixed media ceramic pieces.

Tell us about your favorite piece?

Host III think my favorite tree bark piece so far is “Host II”. It explores themes relating to the human condition and our relationship to nature and the world around us.

What tips or advice do you have for aspiring sculptors?

The main piece of advice I could offer is to simply make art as much and as often as you can, even when you might not feel like it. Set goals for yourself and never think that you’ve ever got something completely figured out. There is always something to learn and room to grow.

Where we can see/buy your work?

My work can be viewed on my web site: or on my Facebook page: Becky Grismer Art.

My work is currently represented in the following galleries: The Matthews Arts Center-Spearfish SD | Perfect Hanging Gallery, Rapid City SD | Warrior’s Work, Hill City SD | Artemisia- Geneva and Chicago, IL | Jed Malitz V2 Gallery- New Orleans, LA BHW

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