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Artist Profile: Sarah Adam
Artist Profile

Sarah Adam
Sarah Adam

When and how did your Creative journey begin?
I didn’t start painting until I was 18 years old. I had been drawing pretty much my whole life, but I wanted to explore a different type of medium. Several years ago, I was hanging out at a friend’s house, and he had a giant piece of plywood sitting in his driveway. We decided to paint on it, and it became my very first wood piece. I used white paint and a sharpie and made this horrible tree, but I fell in love with it and continue to do this type of mixed media today.

What drew you to your specific type of style and medium?
I fell in love with how the wood works with the illustration. The contrast of the white paint and the ink on a piece of bruised up junk wood is just so beautiful. The cracks and knots in the wood create a dimension I wouldn’t be able to achieve on a canvas. I think it brings the piece alive; it’s something you can examine and take in more fully. Through my work, I want to show people how odd and fantastic the world is. I want people to feel connected to it, to find joy in the subjects I create, and feel the joy I had in creating them.

What are your favorite subjects to paint?
I float between natural subjects – veggies, plants, and animals – but I also enjoy creating my own characters. It really depends on how I am feeling. I have one character that I enjoy creating. She is a figure wearing one of those old style sleeping caps; the ones that resemble a long Santa hat. I enjoy putting the character in different types of situations, either interacting with various monsters or exploring new and strange environments. She has a kind of curious wanderlust about her. She just wants to see and experience everything, and I relate to that a lot.


How did you learn your artistic skills?
My skills are mostly self-taught, though I continue to learn from my friends. I took two art classes in college and some in high school, but that’s pretty much it. A lot of trial and error.

What is your favorite piece and why?
My favorite piece is one of the first I ever did. It is this beastie, monster-like figure reaching out to a little fawn, and the fawn is extending its head out towards the hand. It’s as if they are curious about one another, trying to figure out how each one belongs in the world. The way the wood interacts with the piece is also really incredible. Most of it is this mixture of wavy, dark and light wood creating a sky-like picture, and at the bottom where the figures are is a lighter section that gives the illusion of ground. It brings the piece together so well.

What tips or advice do you have for other aspiring artists?
To quote Shia LaBeouf, “Just do it.” Listen to your friends when they tell you they love your work; that you should show it. Make stuff that makes you happy. Make stuff that makes you laugh or cry or whatever. Just do what you want because it’s awesome. Because you are awesome.


What artists have inspired you?
I am very much inspired by Shel Silverstein. The worlds he created are oddly wonderful. His illustrations are so light and simple, and yet beautifully complex. You can come across anything and everything and have a delightful experience in his books. I hope that I’m able to convey that experience in the smallest way – that the world is a beautiful, incredible place. The fact that it even exists is fantastic.

SEE Sara’s work at:
On Instagram: @seamonst_er_.
This December through February 2017, Elsa’s art will be on display at at Blackbird Espresso in Spearfish, SD. She also just started doing art drops and will continue doing so throughout the Black Hills area.

An art drop is when an artist leaves a piece of artwork in a random location, usually posting a picture of it on social media, and possibly leaving a note with it (she does both) explaining that the piece is free to whomever wants it. It’s just about getting out there and letting your art be free to experience. BHW

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