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Beauty Survival
by Jessie Fewson

As winter approaches it is time to start thinking about packing emergency kits for the car and stocking up the house for a storm. But what about your makeup bag? No matter what the season you should always have a handy kit in your purse that will prepare you for any situation.

cotton swabs

Cotton Swabs:

These little wonders will save you from so many makeup mishaps! Keep a few on hand to tidy up any eyeshadow or mascara that has smudged under your eyes or under your brows. You can also use a cotton swab to tidy up the line around your lipstick if it has started to feather.

blotting paper

Blotting Paper:

Even if you aren’t oily, these sheets can help absorb oil and give your face a matte finish when blotted gently on the skin. There are many different brands of quality blotting paper, so grab a pack and you won’t regret it!

powder compact

Powder Compact:

Having a powder compact on hand is an absolute must. If you have one with a mirror and a little puff or sponge, even better. Adding a touch of powder midday will help to keep your foundation set and freshen up your look. Doing this step after blotting will also help to make your makeup look fresh and flawless.

travel size concealer

Travel Size Concealer:

We have all had those awful little pimples that like to appear in the middle of the day when there is nothing that can be done about it. Having a travel size concealer on hand will prepare you for any blemishes or dark circles that may surprise you during your day or night. Travel size is best for your makeup bag as it is compact, and it will require you to replace it regularly to avoid a buildup of bacteria.

nude lip liner

Nude Lip Liner:

Keeping a nude lip liner on hand is always a great idea. This can be used to line and define lips during the day if you are wearing a gloss, and at night to prep for a bold colored lipstick.

Gloss and a bold lip color

Gloss and a Bold Lip Color:

Keeping a gloss on hand is a great go-to if you just want to add a subtle pop to your look for the day. It is also a great idea to keep a darker or bolder shade of lipstick on hand in case you need a quick change for dinner or an outing.


Travel Size Tweezers:

This little tool is an absolute must! We all know that the natural light in the car reveals all of those little brow hairs that we missed while sitting at our dimly lit makeup mirror. Keeping a pair of little tweezers allows you to do those two-minute tune-ups in the car, making sure your brows are always on point!

dryer sheet

Dryer Sheet:

This may seem like an odd item to carry around, but sweeping a dryer sheet over your static plagued hair smooths it down and keeps it from flying away and sticking to your lip gloss. Having this in your bag also adds a nice smelling aroma!


Travel Size Mascara:

This item is optional depending on your everyday routine. Having a mascara on hand allows you to apply a fresh coat at lunchtime or before dinner to keep your lashes extra bold and black. The travel size for this item makes it convenient to tuck in your bag.

With these makeup supplies on hand you will be prepared to avoid or tackle any beauty mishap that may arise! BHW

Jessie Fewson Jessie Fewson is a professional makeup artist and consultant living in Rapid City.


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