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Ab Arm Countdown
by Colette Christensen

Strength Building Exercises You Can Do Most Anywhere.

30 second plank

30 Second Plank

Keep your core engaged and hold a straight position throughout your body. Your elbows are your support, and should be based directly under your shoulders. Supporting your body with your elbows is advanced, to modify, support yourself with your hands.

Dumbell Push Press

25× Dumbbell push press

Stand with your legs, shoulder-width apart and arms held up at 90°. Extend your arms up, and bring them back to the original position. Water bottles or bags work nicely as light weights (2-5 lbs.) when resources are limited.

Russian Twists

20× Russian Twists

Sit on the ground with a straight back and your feet held up about 6 inches. Rotate your whole upper body side to side, touching the floor for each motion. Add weight to advance, count both sides as one repetition.

Incline Standing Curl

15× Incline Standing Curl with Towel/Belt

Close a towel or belt into a door to provide a medium for the incline. Lean back at a 30° angle and pull up to standing. Hold a straight line thorough your body. Elbows move in a sagittal plane next to your body. For a more advanced exercise, increase the size of your incline angle.

In and Outs

10× In and Outs

Lay on the ground with your core engaged. Lift your legs and upper body simultaneously toward the ceiling. In this same movement, bend your legs as you raise your lower body so that they are held up 6 inches above the ground. Hold your arms above head to achieve a more advanced exercise.

Decline Push Ups

5× Decline Push Ups

Keep your core tight. Hold a plank position with your hands on the ground and your feet elevated. Bend your arms and lower your chest to the ground, then push back up. Chairs or hotel beds are great for elevating your feet.

Repeat 2-3 times as needed.

Collette ChristensenColette Christensen, a Rapid City native, competes in NCAA Division 1 Track & Field as a junior for USD, where she specializes in triple jump and high jump. Colette is well known as the first high school female athlete in South Dakota to triple jump over 40 feet. Colette was a prominent athlete in Rapid City, earning accolades in gymnastics and track, accumulating 16 State HS championships for Central HS, and numerous JO championships. She was named the “Top 10 greatest Cobbler athletic figures of all time,” and was named to the Rapid City Sports Council Athlete of the Year and Hall of Fame for two consecutive years. She competed in Junior Olympic National meets in both gymnastics and track, winning two National track championships.

Although athletics have been a prominent part of her life, she loves helping others. She likes to use her talents to make a positive impact on society, helping one person at a time. In her spare time she encourages younger athletes, and helps them with skills or choreography. She enjoys nature, art, photography, and playing the guitar. She believes it is important to study hard and maintain good grades. She is majoring in Medical Biology, with minors in Coaching and Interdisciplinary Sciences.

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