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Get the Look: The Minimalist
by Jessie Fewson

Makeup trends come and go but there are a few looks that are always classics. The minimalist look could be likened to a nude pair of pumps: it always looks classy and goes with any ensemble. Not to be mistaken with a no-makeup look, this look does require a few precise techniques but as the name states, it is minimal. If you are looking for a simple chic look for everyday then the minimalist look is for you!

Fresh Skin Is In!

Start by making sure that your skin is cleansed and moisturized. Apply a thin layer of foundation. (Don’t apply foundation too thickly; remember that its purpose is to even out the skin tone, NOT cover imperfections like dark circles or blemishes). If you prefer something lighter than foundation, BB or CC creams are great options. Skip the powder for this step unless you are extremely oily. Powder can add an unnatural finish if you are doing minimal makeup, a dewy skin looks more natural and healthy.

Cover It Up!

If you have any problem areas (women are hormonally red around the chin and nose), blemishes or dark circles, apply a small amount of concealer to correct. The key with the concealer is to be very sparing in your application as too much can make imperfections look more pronounced rather than covering them up. Use tiny dots on the areas you are correcting and blend with your finger or a precise brush.

Add a Fresh Flush:

Even if you normally skip blush, it is important for this look: because the foundation evens out the skin tone, blush adds a sweep of color that gives the appearance of a radiant healthy completion. Use an angled brush (or small brush) to apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks and along the cheekbones and blend well. If you prefer a cream product, apply with your fingers as this allows it to melt well into the skin.

Powder Your Brows:

For this look, choose a shade of brow powder one shade darker than your hair color and fill in any sparse areas in your brows. This will make them look thicker and fuller but still have a natural appearance.

Let Those Eyes Shine:

For a natural eyeliner look, apply eyeliner directly to the lash line on the top lid. This technique is called “tight lining” and causes lashes to look thicker and adds definition without a big dramatic line. Add a small amount of a skin-toned matte shadow to the lid and just under the brow. If you want to add a subtle shimmer opt for a Champagne shimmer shade instead. Add a sweep of your favorite mascara to the top lashes; the bottom lashes are optional as some ladies prefer to have the bottom lashes bare.

Natural Lips:

There are a few options for this step. If you don’t fuss at all with lip products then a balm or Chapstick is completely appropriate for this look. If you would like to make your lips look a bit fuller and more pronounced, add a bit of gloss in a neutral shade (try a shade 1-2 shades darker than your natural lip color).

With these simple steps you are sure to create a look that is simple and chic for anything from work to a night on the town!

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