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Can You Go Nude?
by Holly Becker

No, we aren’t talking about going full on naked, we are talking about the nude fashion trend, and how to wear it.

Let’s face it, it’s a hard trend to do correctly. So hopefully some of these tips from area experts can help us decipher this tricky trend.

  1. Your nude is different from my nude
    Nude is like any other color and there are tons of shades to choose from: from pale to dark, even pink, peach and golden tones. Nude is also one of the trickiest colors to pull off, It can easily become unflattering and wash you out. Always go with a nude color that is a few shades lighter or darker than your natural skin tone to ensure that you don’t look naked or washed out.
  2. Break it up
    Wear a great nude piece with a pop of color or pattern. You could do a bright lip or a bold statement necklace. “Even a pairing as simple as a black or gray boot” can really help pull the look together, said Angelica Wojtanowicz, fashion buyer at Revival. Why not add a leopard print, it’s unexpected and its colors are so complementary you don’t have to worry about matching.
  3. Denim with nudes
    This is an A+ combo, you really can’t go wrong. What could be better for fall than “a great nude or blush sweater with a lighter colored denim,” said Angelica.
  4. When in doubt try a shoe
    Want to instantly look taller, and have longer legs? Who doesn’t! Try wearing a pair of nude or flesh tone heels. They will visually elongate your legs. Here’s a little secret swipe a little oil on your shins and long legs here you come!

Going Nude
Skin Tone Cheat Sheet

Here are some great ways to enhance your skin tone with nude shades. We know everyone is different but this is a great starting point.

  • A Dark complexion looks flawless in beige and taupe.
  • A Fair complexion looks great in camel, and helps bring out your golden or rosy undertones.
  • An Olive complexion is complemented by rosy blush tones.

Now go out there and be confident in your own skin. ou can totally rock the nude trend.

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