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T.M.I.! on Social Media
by Dorothy Rosby


The husband of a woman I know posted photos on Facebook of his wife giving birth. I hope for the baby’s sake, they’re still married.

I’m still mad at a friend of mine who took a photo of me within hours of the birth of my son twenty years ago. I was dazed and unkempt when she came to the hospital bearing not a gift, but a camera. I had the worst bed head of my life and instead of my contacts, I was wearing an old pair of giant red glasses that had once been fashionable but were no more, and, one hopes, never will be again. I’m just lucky social media hadn’t been invented yet. So is she.

Do we have to post everything? Social media is the dandelion of the technology world. We blow off a little steam on Facebook or Twitter and our words spread like seeds in the wind. Sure, we can take down a post, but not always before it takes us down. That’s why there are some things we should refrain from posting:

No TUI OR PUI — tweeting or posting under the influence.
It’s shocking how many underage drinkers think this is a good idea and even more shocking how many adults do. Worldwide, more than 1.71 billion people use Facebook, but in an alcoholic haze, it’s easy to forget our parents, children, and employer may be among them.

If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it on Facebook.

Just my luck, I’ll call someone a dimwitted dweeb on Facebook then run into them at the grocery store the next day.

This isn’t nursing school.
Lately I’ve seen a rash of photos of, well, rashes on Facebook. Also sores and open wounds. A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, you only need four: “I have a rash.” People snack while they look at Facebook. At least I do.

Avoid ranting.
A rant is what I call it when someone posts more than a handful of words I disagree with. I’m joking! It’s a free country. We can all post what we want. But if our purpose is to change minds, we might have better luck if we don’t call anyone who thinks differently than we do a moron before we make our argument.

And check your facts. The only people who should make stuff up are fiction writers. Oh, and humor columnists. We can too.

Never post about how much you hate your job. Your employer may find out and relieve you of your pain. I have an acquaintance whose comments about his job lead me to believe he’s going to need another one very soon. Unfortunately, if any potential employers check him out on Facebook, he may get to spend the rest of his days unemployed, posting from his mother’s basement. BHW

Dorthy RosbyDorothy Rosby never rants or makes things up on social media—only in her columns.

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