Black Hills Woman Magazine | Mom of the Moment, Sandy Wheeler

Mom of the Moment
Sandy Wheeler

Occupation: Financial
Age: 60
Children: Jessica - 35   Kimberly - 31
Grandchildren: Alica - 5, Lucas - 2 & Scarlet - 1

What is the hardest part about being a mother?

Learning to let them grow into wonderful people and you can’t always fix their problems no matter how hard you want to.

What is the best part about being a mother?

Watching both of my girls grow up and become wonderful mothers in their own right. Having them let their dad and I tag along for ride.

Tell us your favorite story about one of your kids.

One night I was washing dishes and looking out the window, my oldest was sitting on her sister pounding her head on the ground. I opened the window and yelled at her to get off. The comment that came back was “no, because then she will hurt me!” And yet they always stand up for each other!

What is your favorite time-saver?

I have not found one yet, but I am open to hearing any suggestions.

What is your favorite sanity-saver?

Being outside with my horses and taking pictures.

What is your philosophy on discipline?

That there is a difference between a spanking and a beating. There needs to be more respect and manners and that goes for very young to older people.

What is your favorite local family place?

Any place that we are all together.

What is your favorite parenting must-have?

All you need is Love.

Name a time when you felt like a parenting genius.

Learning to listen to what my girls were trying to tell me.

I could have won the worst mother award when...

I lost my confidence and sense of adventure and humor in the last 6 years. Not what I want my girls and grandchildren to remember when thinking of me.

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