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Dr. Sara Reausaw
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Tell us about your business and your role.

All About Smiles Valley Dental is my home away from home. It is my small business where I practice dentistry and wear many different hats daily; including being a doctor to the patients who entrust me with their care, a leader to my amazing team, and a humble small business owner. Dentistry alone has many roles and because of that is never boring.

What do you think is the smartest career decision you’ve made?

Serving those in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota; I feel that God has blessed my hands and heart to be able to provide dentistry. I was born and raised here; this has and always will be home. How blessed I am that my purpose is also my passion, and I am home to share it.

What is the greatest career mistake you’ve made and how did you turn it to your advantage?

Assuming that people realize they can have a cavity even though there is no pain present. This is a common misconception among the public. I turn it to my advantage by bringing awareness of the importance of routine care appointments. We are able to catch things when they are small; before things are hurting. This allows for a more pleasant appointment. It also makes for less sensitivity, both for the patient’s tooth and pocketbook.

What advice would you give to your younger self just starting out?

Continue to do your best; good work makes a difference.

How do you balance your personal and professional life?

I leave work at work and home at home. This allows me to be fully present and make the most out of the time at each. When it is quality time, I don’t need to feel guilty about not being at the other and can enjoy where I am. The people I have surrounding me make all the difference; I am very blessed with my family both at home and the office.

What habits have made you successful?

I have always had the motto: If you don’t have time to do something right the first time, you certainly don’t have the time to redo it. Time is a valuable thing, and we respect that in my office. We take pride in old-fashioned service values, treating our patients like family, and being a family. For all of this, I give great thanks.

Why dentistry?

I believe that a person can be passionate about more than one thing and that my passions revealed at a young age are perfectly blended in dentistry. I have always been passionate about art and helping to heal. I help heal people; heal wounds that present in fear of the dentist, heal one’s self-confidence by restoring beauty in a lost smile, restoring health where it was once pain or hidden disease, and restoring faith while showing people that compassion still exists in this modern world.

All About Smiles

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