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Time Saving Beauty Hacks
by Jessie Fewson

Everyone knows the panic that sets in when you have little to no time. Here are some beauty hacks that may help pull yourself together when you are in a crunch for time!


This technique can save you a huge amount of time on your hair in the morning. When you wake up with major bed-head you are faced with a choice: do you curl it, or do you straighten it? If you are in a hurry, you may not have time for either of these options and that is where scrunching comes in. To scrunch your hair you can either use a designated scrunching spray (Aussie Brand makes one) or a good hair spray. To scrunch, take a large section of hair, give it a good spritz with the spray, then use your hand to gather the hair and scrunch it into your fist. Repeat this process until your hair is all done - you can scrunch your hair fully in a couple of minutes for a loose rippled or crinkled effect. This is a great hack to get you out the door with a great looking mane!

Lip Tints

Having lovely lips is always a must but applying precise lip liner and lipstick takes time. Lip tints or lip stains are highly pigmented products that effortlessly add a stain of color without adding product or texture like a lipstick or gloss. Adding some tint will be a quick way to have vibrant, healthy looking lips that last all day. Not only do you save time in the application but you won’t have to take time out of your day for touch-ups.

Brow Tinting

Brow tinting adds depth to pale or faded brows and it also colors the very fine hairs to make brows look fuller and more defined. Having your brows tinted means that when you wake up in the morning your brows are ready to go and you can skip the time it takes to fill them in with gels and powders. You can buy home kits to do brow tinting; however, getting it professionally done is a much better option as mistakes with tint are difficult to correct.

BB Cream and Illuminator

Having fresh skin is a must even if you don’t have time for a full coverage makeup look. BB cream adds moisture and pigment and is applied just like a normal moisturizer; it gives you a fresh look without having to apply foundation and concealer. Once you have your BB cream applied it is time to apply the illuminator. You can use either liquid illuminator or powder; lightly apply the illuminator under the brows and on the bridge of the nose and the top of the cheekbones.

Have a Go-To Look

It’s simple to create a go-to look. Find your favorite blouse or shirt, a nice skirt or pair of jeans, and nude heels; mentally lock those as the items you should grab in a rushed situation. Your go-to makeup look is very much the same: pick out the things that are important to you, whether it is your brows, eyes, or lips. Focus on the features you want to enhance and create a mini routine that only takes a few minutes. Practicing your go-to look a few times will make it even more effective if you need to use it in a crunch.

So next time you are in a rush just remember, there is always time to look and feel your best. Keep these hacks handy and you can look great at the drop of a hat!

Jessie Fewson

Jessie Fewson is a professional makeup artist and consultant living in Rapid City.

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