Jill Holien, Artist Profile

Jill Holien
Artist Profile

When and how did your creative journey begin?

It started a long time ago, I liked art at South Middle School with Mickey Becket and later at Suzie Cappa on Range Road. My mom says I started art when I was very little at Kibben Kuster preschool.

What drew you to your medium - hair and yarn works?

It was fun to do something different. It was more fun than other things. I like all colors of yarn and the different kinds of yarn. I like to paint the heads to match the yarn I use.

What inspires your style?

I get ideas from lots of things. Sometimes I see a picture or others give me ideas. People also come and ask for what they would like me to make for them, I have heads in hair salons around Rapid City. One time a family wanted heads like Mt. Rushmore only to look like their favorite colors. It was fun.

Work by Jill HolienHow did you learn to work with the yarn?

Brad at Suzie Cappa showed me how to use pins and sequins to make heads. Then I learned how to twist yarn with pipe cleaners and use crochet needles to put it on heads.

What other materials do you use?

Flowers and vines, leaves, butterflies, ribbons, mini lights. Just about anything. I even have used VHS tape and movie film and reels on a head. I use picture frames and mirrors too.

Tell us about your favorite piece.

My favorite one is the white and blue one that’s at church (previous page). I like the white ones too.

What tips or advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Be the artist – do it.

What advice do you give to other people with physical challenges?

Always be nice to people. Like your work. It’s fun to work with people.

How does Black Hills Works assist you?

They have Suzie Cappa to go work at. They let me try new things, and help me if I need help.

Where can we see/ buy your work?

My art is at Suzie Cappa in the gallery. You can also follow Suzie Cappa on Facebook and Instagram, or visit the website: suziecappaart.com.


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