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Mom of the Moment
Jessica Kenney

Occupation: Photographer
Age: 30
Children: Eric age 7 & Miranda age 5

What is the hardest part about being a mother?

Being a military wife, there are times I am left as a single parent. At times it can be hard, trying to fill in when the kids miss their dad. I would have to say, the hardest part of being a mother is watching my children go through something that I cannot fix.

What is the best part about being a mother?

Watching them grow into these loving and caring people and knowing I had a big part in that.

Tell us your favorite story about one of your kids.

Eric was a little over two years old when he met Mickey & Minnie Mouse. He had the biggest grin on his face. When it was his turn to take pictures with them, all he could do was stare at them with love. He finally gave them a hug and wouldn’t let go. It is the best feeling ever to have a child this happy!

What is your favorite time-saver?

I try to do everything the night before, lay out the kids’ clothes for the next day and make sure backpacks are ready to just put lunch boxes in and go.

What is your favorite sanity-saver?

Volleyball! I cherish all the time I can spend with my kids, but also love my Wednesday volleyball nights with the girls. The hour I spend away from them really gives me a chance to reset.

What is your philosophy on discipline?

Timeout works well in my house. Grandma’s house, now that’s another story!

What is your favorite local family place?

Anywhere as long as we are all together.

What is your favorite parenting must-have?

Books! I started reading to my kids at night as newborns. Now my love of books has become their love of books.

Name a time when you felt like a parenting genius.

Making sure that I have lots of projects for the kids to do while going to Miranda’s doctor appointments.

I could have won the worst mother award...

after Miranda was born. Miranda was born at 24 weeks and was put in an incubator after an emergency c-section. I didn’t feel the bond that I did with Eric, and this was a horrible feeling. I didn’t understand why I was feeling the way I was. The confusion and fear eventually turned into irritability, anger, and numbness to sympathy. I felt nothing! I ended up getting treated for postpartum depression (common with a preemie) and wished I would have gotten help even earlier than I did. My kids mean the world to me and when they are hurt I am hurt.

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