Planning Considerations for Your Holiday Event

Planning Considerations for Your Holiday Event
Brittany Pruess

As we head into the holiday season, more of our days will be filled with social events and spending time with those we love. This time of year allows for us all to share in creating memories that will last a lifetime and embracing the coziness of home as the cooler temperatures bring us indoors. The home becomes a place of gathering and the dinner table is a symbol of togetherness. We welcome warm embraces, lingering scents of autumn, and the vibrant colors of holiday cheer. As you prepare for the season, use these helpful tips when planning your next holiday event.

Natural Elements

With the cooler days and cozy nights, consider bringing the outside indoors. Incorporate natural elements such as pinecones, acorns, pumpkins, and festive floral selections into your décor. These items make perfect accents — a homemade wreath for the door, or seasonal touches scattered across the mantle and along the entryway. Colors of fall and winter are also stunning additions to your event. Combine deep rich reds, browns, yellows, oranges, and subtle whites in your decorations to embrace the colors that come with the season.

Delicate Lighting & Soft Acoustics

Lighting is key when creating a festive space for any event. With chilly nights, we often seek warmth from lighting as opposed to the cooler, stark lighting deemed more appropriate in the warmer months. Candles provide the perfect lighting for the season, as do delicately strung lights or a cozy fire flickering in the background.

Your music selection is also important. The subtle sounds of piano keys, soft strums on the guitar, the hushed tones of a string quartet, or a delicately played saxophone provide the perfect backdrop to any festive event. Soft is key so your guests are able to converse.

Seasonal Scents

Nothing says the holidays like gathering around a table of homemade deliciousness. I recommend preparing much of the food to be served yourself. If you don’t have that kind of time, hiring someone to cook in your home is also a good option. The scents that linger throughout your space connect your guests with the fond memories of nights gathered over a home cooked meal. I also love creating a warm beverage on the stove to embrace the seasonal scents. For example, creating a tea or creamy drink with clove, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, vanilla bean, pear, etc. provides warmth to the belly, to the heart, and to your space. You can also select a nice liqueur to add to your beverage to create a yummy seasonal cocktail.


The festivities you choose for your event can range greatly. If it is a family event and children are to attend, selecting a few traditional games is a wonderful idea. By bringing back games you played as a child. It brings everyone together, and provides the perfect opportunity for guests to reminisce about the fun they had as children too. However, if your party is for adult guests, simpler entertainment may be appropriate. There is enjoyment to be found in a good discussion around an elegant dinner setting.

We cherish the holiday season because it brings us together. It is a time to celebrate and create traditions with family and friends. This year remember why you are creating your events. Although the ambiance and the entertainment are important, the greatest way to create a memorable event is to create it around love, faith, and bringing those we cherish together. Create a space and an evening centered around such things.

Here is to holiday cheer and spending time with those we love this season!

Brittany PruessBrittany Pruess is your Women’s Lifestyle Coach living in Rapid City. Visit to learn more about her work and schedule a consultation.

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