Beauty through the Ages by Jessie Fewson

Beauty through the Ages - Age Appropriate Make-up
by Jessie Fewson

When it comes to age appropriateness, the things that usually come to mind are clothing style or hairstyles, however, makeup style is something that is often missed. It is easy to stick with the same routine year after year but a few simple changes can help you reinvent and refresh your look. With a few simple tips, you can take years off and achieve a great makeup look at any age.

The 20s:

This is a great age for experimenting with different looks. Play around with fun vibrant lips or different eyeliner techniques. Experimenting with different bold colors will help you decide what shades suit your coloring and preference. The sky is the limit, so try some bold winged eyeliner or a smoldering smoky eye. Shimmery eyeshadows, especially metallics like copper and gold, are also a lovely complement to any eye color; add these to brighten up your eye look. Statement makeup is great at this age but less is more; try opting for either a bold lip or a bold eye. Be careful, because wearing both can be overkill and defeat the purpose. BB creams are also great for this age because youthful skin doesn’t necessarily need a full-coverage foundation.

The 30s:

The 30s are a great time to start to invest in a few extra products. Using an eye cream under your makeup is a great way to start caring for that delicate eye area and prevent wrinkles. This is also the time to find a good under eye concealer, as dark circles and shadows can start appearing. A good concealer can help you look fresh and flawless. Bold lips and eyes are also still very age appropriate, so have fun with a bold lip or eye for a night out!

The 40s:

In your 40s, skin is in. This is the best time to evaluate your foundation formula. If you had oily skin in your 20s and 30s and used a matte foundation, you may find that your skin is changing and may require a more moisturizing formula. This is especially true if you have had dry skin in the past. Foundation sets a beautiful canvas for the rest of your makeup, so it is important to make sure that you are choosing the proper formula for your skin. If you want to play up the eyes, opt for colors such as olive green or plum (these are universally flattering but use sparingly, less is more) along with soft neutrals. A lash primer is also great to give the lashes a boost under your mascara and make your eyes and lashes pop.

The 50s:

Take caution with shimmery shades! Shimmery shadows are great to emphasize certain parts of the eye, but they can also bring out all of the fine lines and creases. Warm neutral palettes are excellent for ladies of this age. The warm colors add warmth and depth without enhancing lines and can take years off of the eyes. If you still want to add a bit of shimmer make sure it is a small amount in the center of the main lid. This is also a great time to ease off of the powders as they like to settle into the fine lines and can age your skin. Try opting for moisturizing products such as cream blush: a few dabs on the cheekbones will add color and a healthy dewy finish.

The 60s:

For ladies in their 60s, many of the same tips such as neutral eyeshadow palettes and moisturizing products still apply but there are a couple of techniques that can make a big difference. Smoky (or smudged) eyeliner is a great technique for ladies this age. Harsh sharp eyeliner can age the eyes but a soft smoky liner adds definition without aging the eyes. To create this look use a soft gel liner pencil or kohl pencil along the top of the lash line. Neutral lip liner is also a great product to add in, it creates that youthful lip line and will prevent lipstick from feathering. When applying the liner blend inwards towards the center of the lips so there is no harsh line around the lips.

With a few simple changes, you can create a flawless makeup look and be fabulous at any age!

Jessie Fewson is a professional makeup artist and consultant living in Rapid City.

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