TOP SECRET: Beauty Reviews

TOP SECRET: Beauty Reviews

A Black Hills Woman Magazine insider tests beauty products and procedures confidentially and then reports her findings. This message will self-destruct in five minutes.

Product or Procedure Under Review: Hair Extensions

Background: There are various types of hair extensions, but for this review, our insider chose high quality human hair that is fastened to her own hair using tiny plastic clips that are the color of the hair to conceal them - basically the Cadillac of extensions. The attachment process was pain-free and took about an hour. The extensions should last about a year with a maintenance visit every six weeks to reposition the clips as the hair grows out. A special, high quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are recommended along with a wet brush for combing.


  • Exceptional color and texture matching
  • Can be heat-styled like normal hair
  • Pain-free/damage-free attachment and removal
  • Virtually invisible clasps
  • Adds length and volume


  • Expensive (costs $500-$700)
  • High Maintenance (must be reset every 6 weeks)
  • Not recommended for people with very thin hair, scalp issues or tactile sensitivity

Conclusion: If you have the money, this can be a great way to add volume or length. For best results don’t exceed 3-4 inches longer than your current length. Schedule a consultation, a reputable salon will tell you if you are an ideal candidate and review all the costs and maintenance requirements with you in advance.

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