Fashion & Comfort

Fashion & Comfort
by Holly Becker

I am the type of girl that belonged to a group in college called “fashion over function”. So, for example, I went to college at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND (GO BISON). The winters up there are pretty brutal. Yet, I would be wearing my high heels through the snow and ice. Why, you ask? Because fashion was more important to me than actual function.

Adidas® Superstars™ at Scheels
Adidas Superstars
at Scheels

Fast forward to now, I am no longer in my twenties and have a busy 18-month-old to chase around, fashion is still important to me, but so is function and comfort.

Sorel® at Scheels
Sorel at Scheels

I set out on a journey to find comfort brand shoes that are still fashion forward. I thought that I would only find orthotic type shoes or the clog type ones that the medical staffers wear, but I was very wrong.

Sorel at Scheels
Sorel at Scheels

I started off at Scheels, to kind of ease my way in and see what they had. It started out safe; I found some Adidas® Superstars™. They are making their comeback and are super comfortable. I then spotted a pair of booties, saw the brand Dansko®, and had to do a double take, this is the brand that makes the clogs all the medical staffers wear, NO WAY! The next pair that caught my eye were some brown wedges, by Sorel®. They actually call this heel height the all day wedge. I also found a cute black sandal by them as well. Success at Scheels!

Tamaris at Solemate Shoes
Tamaris at
Solemate Shoes

My next stop was Solemates Shoes, and I am not going to lie, I didn’t think they would have anything for me, but right when I walked in I was greeted by some beautiful ankle booties. These booties have so much style and would pair well with just about anything. Made by Tamaris®, they have amazing ergonomic support for that gal on the go. My next find was some open toe booties by Earth® that have hardware detailing and perforated leather. Success again at Solemates!

Tamaris at Solemate Shoes
Earth at
Solemate Shoes

I was so surprised by my findings and what comfort brands really have to offer. You can still be fashion forward and comfortable. Not only are these brands made with real leather, they all have built-in arch supports and ergonomic designs.

So if you are ready to have some amazing shoes that look and feel good, hit one of these places up, and don’t be afraid of the comfort brand!

Holly Becker will be fashion forward and comfortable in her new shoes.

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