Mom of the Moment

Erin Winegar
Mom of the Moment

Occupation: Wife to the love of my life, stay at home mom, homeschool mom and birth doula


Children: Sydney (11), Levi (9), Lyla (7), Uriah (3)

What is the hardest part about being a mother?

There are so many hard things about being a mother. There is the obvious lack of sleep, constantly trying to keep little tummies full, endless piles of laundry, separating sibling squabbles, teaching them godly character, allowing them to make decisions, allowing them to struggle at times for their own personal growth… But, I would have to say that right now, probably the hardest thing is not having a personal manual for each child. They are so UNIQUE from each other. They are all at different phases and levels in their lives, and trying to mentally and emotionally keep up with their ever changing lives is challenging.

What is the best part about being a mother?

There are countless glorious moments in motherhood. All the way from the chubby tan arms of my three-year-old hugging my neck and absently playing with my hair as he shares what’s on his mind, to being given a cherished drawing from my cheerful seven-year-old, to seeing my nine-year-old grasp a difficult concept and grow in confidence, up to my 11-year-old getting her first little summer job of watering the neighbor’s outdoor plants. It’s all these little things that I don’t want to forget that make motherhood so wonderful!

Tell us your favorite story about one of your kids.

Kids give us lots of laughs and chuckles. The one such chuckling story that comes to mind is when my oldest was 5 and asked me, “Mommy, do you know Noah that built the ark in the Bible?” Not only did I feel incredibly old, I could hardly keep a straight face as I told her that I did not know Noah!

What is your favorite time-saver?

One of my favorite time-savers is pretty simple. After I buy celery, and before it goes into the veggie bin in the refrigerator, I cut the tops and bottom off, rinse it, dry it and wrap it in foil….BAM, it’s ready to go!

What is your favorite sanity-saver?

I tend to be an introvert, and even being around my own darling kids can frazzle my nerves. I have discovered that having three personal quiet times is paramount to me keeping my sanity. My first quiet time involves getting up before the kids and having coffee, doing my personal devotions, making my bed and doing my make-up…all in the un-touched quiet of the morning. My second quiet time is during the afternoon when my three-year-old is napping, and the big kids are reading, doing quiet crafts, playing quietly or watching documentaries. I use this time for anything and everything that needs to get done, to sit and read a book, drink tea, make phone calls, answer emails… My third quiet time might come at the end of the day by sending the kids to their rooms twenty minutes or so before their bedtime so that they can unwind and so that the house can quiet down.

What is your philosophy on discipline?

Discipline is a touchy subject. It’s also very important. As I think about it, it is astounding to me how much my views on discipline have changed from our 1st child to our 4th child, and I’m sure my views will continue to change with age and time. One thing that stands out to me about discipline is that disciplining outward behavior is very stressful to me as a parent, I tend to take my child’s bad behavior personally, there is normally a short-term effect on my child and it tends to damage my relationship with them. However, when I discipline for the sake of reaching their heart and reminding them of their personal relationship with God, I as a parent stay much calmer, my child listens better, there is more of a long-term effect in their heart and our parent-child relationship is not damaged.

What is your favorite local family place?

Any hiking trail! We love to hike together as a family.

What is your favorite parenting must-have?

Living in South Dakota, a wipe warmer is a must! Your baby will thank you and you’ll thank yourself. No one wants a cold wipe on their backside!

Name a time when you felt like a parenting genius.

I felt like a genius when I invented the “five-minute pick up” before bedtime (or anytime during the day for that matter). We set the timer for five minutes, and the kid’s pick up the house!

I could have won the worst mother award when...

One of my children was throwing up, I joined in and we were both using the same trash can. I have a weak stomach and simply couldn’t handle it.

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