How to Incorporate Rest Into your schedule

How to Incorporate Rest Into your schedule
by Brittany Pruess

Ladies, we all need it, we all crave it, but during this season we often do not get enough REST. Here is a little reality check: Autumn means getting back to a routine, kids going back to school and piling on the after-school activities. It brings rushed family dinners and play dates scheduled on the weekends. It also may provoke work deadlines and larger projects to be completed before the new year. Basically, although fall is a beautiful season, it also can be one of the most chaotic.

Here are a few tips to keep in your toolkit when your life gets a little too hectic and you are craving a little relaxation.

Rest for the Soul

Your soul is arguably the most important part of what makes you, you. It is your purpose and foundation for everything else. Allow rest for your soul this season by creating space in your schedule to fuel your sense of purpose. For me, it is carving out time to spend in the Word and connecting with my Savior. In the morning, I sit in a quiet space meditating on my relationship with God and how amazing this relationship is. You may find journaling, reading about your favorite topic, or time in meditation helps provide rest to you as well.

Rest for the Heart

With the busy season, it may often be difficult to meet all of your obligations and scheduled commitments. During this time, I recognize I can never meet every expectation I receive from others, but I most certainly will try. I take the time to evaluate what I have already committed to and how much room I am still able to give to others. Be gentle with yourself and know that sometimes it is okay to say “no” to commitments you will not be able to keep if you were to take them on.

Rest for the Mind

If you are anything like me, you love to plan. I enjoy sitting down, a planner in hand, determining what my month looks like. This is definitely important in order to provide structure during this season. However, I want to encourage you to not think too far beyond tomorrow and the week ahead, because today is filled with enough beautifully important things to think about. Remember to be present in the moment. After all, this is what we call living, right? Let go of all the excess and embrace what today has handed you.

Rest for the Body

This one is huge, ladies. It is so important to carve out the time in your month, your week, and your day for the restoration of the physical body. By caring for your body, you are ensuring your ability to show up physically to all of the commitments you have made to yourself and others. During this season, I make it even more of a priority to make time to prepare food to nurture my body and set aside time for the basic concept of sleep. I incorporate evenings of downtime in order to allow my physiological self to unwind and decompress (for introverts this is even more important). Remember to get adequate sleep and fuel your body with foods/drinks that will provide sustenance.

Yes, the fall season can be a busy one with all of its commitments, work deadlines, and kids’ curricular and extracurricular activities. However, it can also be a beautiful one filled with relaxation and restoration when we take the time to truly embrace it with a rest-filled approach. Take the tips above and put them in your toolkit this autumn and carry them with you.

Brittany Pruess is your Women’s Lifestyle Coach living in Rapid City. Visit to learn more about her work and schedule a consultation.

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