Exploring the Trend: Microblading
Jessie Fewson

It seems like everywhere you look these days there are models on magazines with beautiful brows and advertisements for every brow product you can imagine. Brows are undeniably one of the most important facial features. With so many products and services on the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find what works for you. Microblading is a service that has only recently started showing up at spas across the country. So naturally, there are a lot of questions and misconceptions about this service.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure similar to cosmetic tattooing. Microblading differs however because unlike conventional tattoo procedures that are done with a tattoo gun, microblading uses a tiny needle that is attached to the end of a scalpel handle. The blade penetrates a lot shallower than a tattoo needle, which is the reason that it is semi-permanent. One of the main benefits is the realistic effect, the strokes look like natural hair and are almost undetectable next to the real hair. Small individual hair-like strokes are made to blend in with the natural brow. The entire brow can be recreated or it can also be used to fill in sparse areas. It is a great option for someone who wants to wake up in the morning with beautiful, no-fuss brows.

How long does Microblading last?

The results vary between individuals, but most find that it lasts between two to four years.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure itself can take up to three hours, a majority of that time involves mapping out the brows to ensure they are symmetric and that the client is happy with the result. Once the initial procedure is done, a follow-up appointment is also booked four to six weeks later. The healing process will cause 40-60 percent of the pigment to shed, so they will need to be touched up for the final desired look. After that point, the brows will need to be touched up every one to two years for maintenance.

Is there any downtime after the procedure?

One of the major benefits of microblading is that there is no downtime. The brows are ready to go immediately after the procedure, so you will be photo ready as soon as you walk out the door.

Is the procedure painful?

The procedure involves mild discomfort, however, every person reacts differently. Some have said they feel a little pinch, while others fall asleep. A topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area before the procedure.

How much does the procedure cost?

Prices vary from spa to spa but the average cost is $300-$400. Make sure that you use a reputable spa or clinic that has proper certification.

What if microblading is not for you?

If microblading seems like a big step, there are other options that can help you achieve a fuller brow. Tinting is a great place to start as it gives color to the hairs in the brow that are light and creates a thicker look to the brows. Tinting lasts three to four weeks, so it needs to be done regularly to maintain the look.

Microblading is a small procedure that makes a big difference, and being informed about the procedure makes the process that much easier. If you are ready to have amazing brows long term with no fuss, then this is definitely a great option!

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