New Year's Resolution Miconceptions

New Year's Resolution Miconceptions
Brittany Pruess

The chatter, the back and forth, the indecisiveness on whether or not to be decisive ­­— these all are tell-tale signs you have stumbled upon the “New Year’s Resolution” debate. Many believe that creating a resolution is a far cry from actually meeting any realistic goal. They mock the individual who seeks to establish a new trend or routine at the start of the New Year, often pointing to the failure rate, the obligations, and the “hype without the proof”; however, I fear we may be selling New Year’s resolutions a little short.

By restructuring your perspective on what a resolution looks like and how you are supposed to commit to one, you may just find a helpful friend when it comes to your growth and starting the year off right! Here are a few adjustments you can make when it comes to New Year’s misconceptions:

New Year’s Resolutions Set You Up for Failure
Ladies, this is the biggest misconception when it comes to creating goals at the start of the year! When done correctly, not only can New Year’s resolutions create a solid guideline for you to start the New Year off with a bang, but they also allow you to see your progress in a “calendar-centric” fashion. There is something so refreshing about turning the page to a new month and looking back on the progression you have made from the start of the year. In order to make your resolution work for you, it is key to ESTABLISH YOUR GOAL CORRECTLY. We fail at our New Year’s resolutions not because they are simply New Year’s goals, but because of our lack of providing the proper structure and foundation for making our goals stick.

You are Too Cool for New Year’s Resolutions
Let’s get real for a hot minute. The cool kids are the people you find creating goals, sticking to them, and actively participating in their own success. The coolest kids are the ones who are thinking about these goals throughout the year even at the flip of the calendar year. The truth is, we should actively seek to define goals and establish our paths towards success. By laying out what we would like our accomplishments to be for the coming year, we are carving out a space that allows for us to stay focused and on track. Who is too cool for that?

New Year’s Resolutions are Simply Words Written Out on Paper
This misconception could not be any more false. Creating New Year’s goals can be one of the most exciting and creative things you can do for yourself. The process of creating your yearly agenda involves journaling, brainstorming, mental and visual creativity, discussion, connection with yourself and others, and so much more! It can literally be one of the greatest “self-care” moments you do all year.

Be good to yourself this coming year and create a New Year’s resolution!
Seriously, do it! Be intentional with your foundation and structure in setting your goals, create a space to be successful, and surprise yourself with how much you are able to accomplish in only a year’s time! New Year’s goals are meant for those who want a success story at the end of the year, who want to stay motivated every day and every hour, and who look at life and see it so chock-full of potential. Will this be you?

Here is to creating a New Year’s resolution this year!

Brittany PruessBrittany Pruess is your Women’s Lifestyle Coach living in Rapid City. Visit to learn more about her work- including New Year’s Resolutions, Vision Boards, & Goal Setting Workshops/Events!

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